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Who Editor-in-Chief: Deborah S. ShadovitzDeb’s personal website — Deb at Shadovitz dot com Deborah Shadovitz started writing as a journalist in the 9th grade and hasn’t stopped writing since then. She’d love to tell you more, but if she stops to write more about herself here, she won’t have time to write all the other good stuff she wants to have for you on the other pages.

Contributing Authors

  • Kristina N. Lotz — covering movies, pets and more • Kristina’s bio
  • Debbie Chinn — writing about wine • Debbie’s bio
  • Andrew Coleman — writing about home decor
  • Muna Deriane — writing about life, when life permits
  • Gary B. Hudson — writing about golf and other sports
  • Rudy Sanchez — writing about & shooting golf and other sports
  • Steven Shmerler — misc writing • Steven’s bio
  • Tyler Regas — covering technology • Tyler’s bio
What A publication dedicated to life in the greater Los Angeles area, for those of us who live here and for those of you who want to have a great visit. An always-growing magazine that never has to close an issue. When Any day. Unlike a print magazine, we don’t have to get it to a printer after we write it and lay it out. If we discover a great gift the day before a holiday, we can still add it here. If we hear about a great event just days before, we can tell you about it. Where Here! Right on the web. Right on your computer or the computer at the hotel you’re staying at during your visit to Los Angeles. Why Because there’s so much to learn about and Los Angeles. Because as an author or columist, I often wished I could add just a few more helpful words to an article but you can’t after it is set for the printer, and especially after it has been printed. And as the editor of a print magazine, it hurt to discover one more great item or event I would have loved to share. Here, we are also not limited to a certain number of pages. In print, one must choose between two exciting travel stories, or leave out an article in favor of another one. Here, we can give you both stories — while both are still timely. How How the site was built and is maintained. Creator and Editor-in-Chief Deborah Shadovitz has been creating websites and writing about the web since there’s been a web. (In fact, she penned Adobe GoLive 5 Bible and years of articles and columns about web design.) The graphic design was done in Photoshop CS4. The layout was created using Dreamweaver CS4, then CS5. Images are processed using Photoshop CS5 and Dreamweaver’s Smart Photoshop Objects. The original menu was programmed by Joe Crawford. In 2012, as Deborah was traveling in Central America, and having been robbed, couldn’t keep this site up to date, the design was turned into a custom WordPress theme by Daniel Estrella. In 2013 it finally went live again using WordPress. How we are online. At first this site was hosted on our own server, a Macintosh — Mac Mini, and used great MacOS software to make our mail and ftp even better.  During Deborah’s travels, for ease of maintenance, the hosting was moved to JustHost.com. (We invite you to check them out and tell them Deborah Shadovitz sent you.) How we can afford to stay online. LosAngelesAreaLife.com accepts responsible advertising from legitimate companies and products. If you’re interested in advertising with us, please email Deb at Shadovitz dot com with your contact info and some information about your product. You can also help support this site by starting your shopping at any of our ads or affiliates. We aren’t going to load the site with sales just so you’ll click.