Unfortunately, I’ve let this site languish for some years as I life took other turns. Tech and a web server change now renders this quite a mess (the menu for example) and the cobbler’s shoes come last, so I’m afraid I don’t have anything even close to impressive looking here right now. But do read about the LEAF antenna because it’s amazing! Also, Perpetual Commotion is still and always will be one of the greatest card games.
~ Deb, the Editor, 2019

You CAN Get TV Over the Air
in Los Angeles!

leaf-antenna-on-shelfReally. Really easily.
Have you been wanting to break free of Cable TV or Satellite TV fees? Are you contemplating climbing up onto your roof to place a good old roof antenna but are dreading that job — and the job of running coaxial cable through your home?
Would you believe there’s a simple solution — an almost invisible indoor TV antenna that will cost you less than just one or two months of basic cable?
We thought it sounded too good to be true. It isn’t.
A TV antenna can work in Los Angeles.
Well, this TV antenna, that is.
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Restaurant Recommendation:
One of the Best Burgers in Los Angeles!

The Golden State, an unassuming storefront on Fairfax, just south of Melrose, consistently serves up one of the best burgers in Los Angeles.
Everything about this burger, and with almost everything served here are locally sourced and healthfully produced by companies that care about real food. Happily these companies also practice sustainability.
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If you’re thinking that every great card game that can be invented has been, but you don’t know about Perpetual Commotion, I have good news for you.

Perpetual Commotion®

The game’s website calls it “fast, furious and FUN” — and that’s exactly right.
Enjoy it with friends or family.
Remember to breath but stop for a deep breath and you’ll miss a few moves! Be ready to laugh — a lot.
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