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Entertainment Resources in Los Angeles & Southern California!

We’ll do our best to guide you to some resourses.

Theme Parks in the Los Angeles area



In Los Angeles there are movie theaters aplenty — but here, you can do more than just go see a movie. Here, you can see a movie being filmed, or even be in the film.

TV tapings:

Be an extra in a movie:


Television for Southern California

Misc things to do

  • Rollerskate at Moonlight Rollerway — a great indoor wooden-floored rink in Glendale (Once you know this rink you may recognize it in many a movie. Editor-in-Chief Deborah Shadovitz has been an extra in a few films shot there. Their website lists the films that have shot at the rink.)
  • There are also roller skating rinks in Northridge, Huntington Beach…
  • Travel to the beach towns and skate on the beach skate paths, or rent a bike and cycle. There are many places to rent both.
  • Ride a horse at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center — 480 Riverside Dr. Burbank, CA 9150
  • Magic at the world’s only Magic Castle. (By invitation from a magician only.)