Petit Ermitage Hotel West HollywoodPetit Ermitage — unique hotel in West Hollywood

Between Santa Monica Blvd and Sunset Blvd, by Sunset Plaza & Beverly Hills

by Deborah Shadovitz

The Petit Ermitage describes itself as Bohemian. However, I don’t feel that captures it’s elegance. Petit Ermitage is worldly — or rather reflective of the greater world in which we live. A little bit old European, a bit of Morocco, a splash of modern at the saltwater pool — and all around perfect in feeling and comfort.

Petit Ermitage is a four-story building that you can easily miss as it’s on a quiet residential street, although if you look closely the attentive doormen give it away.

Inside, you’ll find unique room, and atop you’ll find a rooftop saltwater pool, restaurant — and butterfly garden. And from this beautiful rooftop there are beautiful views of Los Angeles.

Have you ever walked into a place
and felt a connection to it?

That’s how I felt as I explored the hotel, halls and guest rooms of Petit Ermitage in West Hollywood.

I loved the feeling of the Venetian style hand-textured, hand-painted plaster walls of the lobby, and as it turns out, all over the hotel. Framed mirrors hanging in the little elevator created an endless reflection that was fun during the four-floor ride.

PetitErmitage_LobbyFisheye-theirsTrue works of art adorn the walls and hallway tables. In fact, the art includes original works by Miro, DeKooning, Erte, Rauschenberg and Dali.

I wish I had more photos of this entry hall, lobby and elevators, as well as of the upstairs hall to share with you.

There for lunch and a meeting, I just had to see a room.

Only one suite in this magnificant 80 all-suite property was unoccupied, so I took advantage of my opportunity. It was due for a check-in. I walked into the Open Studio Suite and, in some ways, felt more at home than in my own home.

PetitErmitage_ManorSuite PetitErmitage__demiSuite PetitErmitage_GardenSuite

As I tried to place the feeling I got from the suite’s decor, my host, Stefan Ashkenazy, started telling me about some of the items in the room. The beautiful metal detail in the railing that set off the sitting area from the step-down sleeping/desk area was once part of an estate in India. (Ah! I’d felt it reminiscent of Morocco or India! Perhaps I’d thought of Morocco because quite a few of the elaborate tiles that grace the property are from Morocco.)

Stefan went on to cite the origins of so much of the room. I recall that the rugs are actual hand-woven Turkish carpets from Turkey, but there was much more to the room and I just don’t recall it all.

Impressed, I commented to Stefan that I’d travelled the world and saw plenty that I loved — but I didn’t buy the items and take them home. (I’m still not sure how he purchased a city’s gate and brought it to LA.) “From the time I was young, I knew what I wanted to do,” Stephan replied, quite simply.

The decor of each room — and the entire Petit Hermitage — is clearly a labor of love and done with an artful eye.

The 80 suites, at this West Hollywood gem of a hotel come in four sizes: Demi, Junior, Executive, and One Bedroom/Open Studio All feature a step-down living area. Each suite is unique but shares the same elegance.

You’ll find some of that beautiful gate-turned-railing in every suite.

You’ll also find a fireplace, a desk, a couch that pulls out to be a bed, and free wi-fi. Plus a 32″ flat screen TV, and iHome Alarm Clock/iPod speaker.

~ • ~~ • ~~ • ~~ • ~~ • ~~ • ~~ • ~~ • ~~ • ~~ • ~~ • ~~ • ~

On the VIP floor, rooms are Master’s Quarters. These rooms feature personal butler service, your “Liaison to Happiness.” Guests also receive a complimentary movie.

~ • ~~ • ~~ • ~~ • ~~ • ~~ • ~~ • ~~ • ~~ • ~~ • ~~ • ~~ • ~

All guests have the option to order and enjoy in-room spa services such as massages, personal fitness including yoga sessions, and makeup services.

~ • ~~ • ~~ • ~~ • ~~ • ~~ • ~~ • ~~ • ~~ • ~~ • ~~ • ~~ • ~

Rooftop Pool, Restaurant — Butterflies
and Hummingbirds

On top of the hotel you’ll find the Private Rooftop Club. Completely private, this area an amenity for hotel guests and members only.

The pool area sports a wooden deck, rattan chaise lounges with adjustment and cushy cushions. The sections of wall are a semi-metalic paint/texture, with tiles from ancient Rome and last-century Indonesia. There’s a built-in fireplace as well.

This is no ordinary pool, either. It’s a heated salt water pool I’m told is fabulous for the skin.


Off to the side are these large flat seats and beautiful fireplace.


As you stand anywhere within this rooftop pool area, you’ll likely enjoy the view, which includes the Hollywood Hills.

Restaurant and Bar

Down a level from the pool deck are spread out sitting or dining areas. There’s a bar here and a restaurant here that offers some very tasty food and the same prices you’d pay if you went looking for a meal in the area.

This tranquil setting well removes you from the city, yet provides the opportunity to gaze out and enjoy some of LA’s skyline.

These next two photos look down from pool level to the dining level. The hotel’s website has photos that really show off this area!


The greenery and flowers that add to the beauty of this area are actually selected to attract hummingbirds and butterflies, adding to the outdoor, un-city retreat, feeling of the hotel and restaurant.

The butterfly garden is not just pretty and relaxing.
It is a true Hummingbird and Butterfly Sanctuary,
recognized by the National Wildlife Federation!

Also notice how each table provides privacy so you can be alone or be alone with your companion(s).


Thhe Butterfly Bar within the hotel building opens up to the outdoor restaurant area — the Hummingbird and Butterfly garden.


Meeting Space

Indoors, en route to the rooftop pool, is the Masters Lounge, a part of the Private Rooftop Club. This room may be rented for private events and accomodates 30 people nicely.


The rooftop pool area —  Cabana and Fireplace — can also be rented for a private event. The Butterfly Bar, however, cannot.

About Petit Ermitage

8822 Cynthia Street
W. Hollywood, CA 90069
This is just a block north of Santa Monica Blvd, between N. Doheny Drive and N. La Cienega Blvd. A short walk up to Sunset Blvd.
If you’re familiar with West Hollywood and wonder how you’ve missed this gem of a hotel and restaurant, perhaps you knew it under its former name, Hotel Le Petit. After renovation, it was renamed and rebranded on October 1, 2009.

The official website:

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Petit Ermitage is an independently owned hotel affiliated with Worldhotels — and to give you an idea of the WORLDHOTELS style and philosophy, the into to their portfolio catalog says:

The world is a book,
and those who travel
need not imagine the whole story.

As a one-time traveller and an always-traveller-at-heart, this speaks volumes to me. Having met some of the member hotel principals, I know it is truly felt.

Some of the photos I share here were taken by me. Others have been provided by the hotel.
Unfortunately, it was not sunny the day I visited, so these photos aren’t as bright as they’d be most days.